Thank you to Mark Fellner

Apr. 24, 2017



Most of you are aware that Mark Fellner, our present Executive Director will be leaving Swim Manitoba effective April 30th, 2017. The Board of Directors of Swim Manitoba would like to take this time to thank Mark for his efforts over the last three years.

Specifically, The Board would like to point out the strides that Mark made in the area of Coaching education through enhanced educational clinics and support programs. Specifically Mark’s efforts in enhancing Swim Manitoba’s coaching educational services to rural swim club members will have lasting effects.  In addition, Mark’s work in bringing the coaches of Manitoba together and the resurrection of the Manitoba Swim Coaches Association will certainly have positive impact on swimming within the province.

In addition to the many positive changes Mark had on the coaching area Mark worked hard to bring swimming to every corner of the province. Through local and rural swim clinics and introductory events, a strong and vibrant Summer Swim program and enhanced support services for rural clubs Mark worked hard to bring swimming to areas of Manitoba that in the past may have been left behind. Mark made these areas a priority and the impact of his efforts will be felt for years to come.

Finally, Mark has worked hard to pave a smooth road in preparation for the upcoming Canada Summer Games. Working with the organizing committee Mark helped usher Swim Manitoba through a series of equipment purchases that not only modernized our operations but will be enjoyed by the swimmers, coaches and officials of the province for many years to come.

The Board of Swim Manitoba wishes Mark the best for the future and invites all those impacted by Mark’s efforts to reach out and contact Mark during his last week. Mark can be contacted at  204-925-5779 or via email at

Peter Garagan

On behalf of the

Board of Directors

Swim Manitoba