Special Research Grant

Jun. 13, 2018



June 13, 2018


Research Grant to Study Mental Health Issues in Competitive Swimmers


The Board of Directors of Swim Natation Manitoba is pleased to announce they have approved a special research grant to study the prevalence rates of          mental health issues in competitive swimmers. The research will be carried out by PHD candidate Chantal Van Landeghem under the supervision of                       Dr. Adrienne Leslie-Toogood, Director of Sport Psychology at the Canadian Sport Center Manitoba and adjunct faculty member at the University of Manitoba.

The purpose of the study will be to determine prevalence rates of mental health issues (including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and attitudes toward seeking help) among Manitoban age group swimmers, and secondly, implement an intervention program aimed at providing athletes with tools and          strategies to help them stay mentally well.

The results from this study will help inform Swim Manitoba, and other provincial and national sporting organizations, about the prevalence rates of                mental health issues among Canadian athletes, as well as their attitudes toward seeking help. Understanding prevalence rates of mental health issues among athletes will help us to be proactive in both managing the demands of sport, as well as any underlying mental health challenges that athletes experience.

We believe this is the first time a study of mental health issues for competitive swimmers has been under taken in Canada.

We are very excited and honoured to be provided the opportunity to support this important research.

Brian Leier

Executive Director

Swim Natation Manitoba