Record Alert

Dec. 06, 2018

Girls 11-12                                    
100 Breast      01-Dec-18       Mia West        SEALS   1:14.86

West makes her 2nd appearance in the Swim Manitoba Records Book 14 days after her first, this Breaststroke achievement affirming the old saw that the IM races (Nov 17) will often go to the Breaststroker.

In doing so, Ms West takes down the time for this event decisively, with nearly 3 seconds off the previous set by UMAN’s Jordan Wall a day less than 6 years ago.

Congratulations all,

John Schwandt

Swim Manitoba Records Chair

GIRLS  11 & 12 YEARS                   
SHORT COURSE                   
100 BREAST                     
CLUB    MB     
01-May-66               Debbie Jenkins  YWCA    1:34.30
27-Dec-69               Sally Leith     MM      1:32.60
14-Feb-70               Wanda DePape    WWC     1:31.40
24-Jan-71               Fiona Fraser    MA      1:26.20
27-May-72               Jennifer Frain  CSC     1:25.20
06-Mar-77               Meagan Beattie  CSC     1:24.29
15-Jan-78               Dawn Gilhooly   SJS     1:22.23
05-Mar-78               Dawn Gilhooly   SJS     1:21.46
05-Feb-84               Brandee Alexander       MANTA   1:20.09
15-Mar-84               Brandee Alexander       MANTA   1:18.45
09-Mar-90               Shannon Shakespeare     MM      1:18.03
02-Dec-12               Jordan Wall     UMAN    1:17.54
01-Dec-18               Mia West        SEALS   1:14.86